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All Things Skin

This section of my blog is about my life dealing with Eczema. I have had minor Eczema my entire life but there really is something about them late teenage years that really imbalances your body, so approximately 2 years ago unfortunately I hit a point in my life where I felt like I just couldn't live, laugh, love like I used to and my skin just hit an all-time low. I hit a point where I lost that spark that keeps you thriving through the troubles. My skin was my deepest enemy, the first thing I would wake up and think about, the primary pain I felt, something I couldn't even look at as all I could see was one deep insecurity. My brother once told me that it is admirable to wear your deepest insecurities on the outside and although it isn't really a choice, it shows so much strength and confidence. Although showing off my skin isn't something I have loved doing, and it seems like it is so much easier to cover up, my first piece of advice in order to move forward is to do what feels best for you. Your skin needs to breathe, it needs light and air for healing, so don't think twice about how others may perceive you and your body, Do what is best for you. Be Your Own Priority. I initially thought about starting this blog when my skin was 100% healed so I could share my journey from start to finish but what's the point in delaying this when I have come so far already, so here it is. Welcome to my journey through skin struggles, my process on how I have come this far, my mental health being flipped upside whilst dealing with my skin and ultimately how It Does Get Better. You Got This!

My skin while on holidays in the sun.
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