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Welcome to EllBelle

This is me, Ella

Welcome Aboard my Journey to Rediscovery

Come along my life journey with me from eczema to opportunities for self discovery. What is finding yourself though really? The pressures of finding who you are, what clothes you like, the way you express yourself, what you believe in; But just for a moment take a deep breath and ask yourself this one question, ‘WHO TF AM I?’ A daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner, we always seem to categorise ourselves not really understanding the question, because for real, Who Are We? Why are we on the path that we are on and how do we know if it is the right one? Is it really that deep? Honestly, I am no expert on the journey of life, but I do have my own journey that I want to share and would love to bring you on. There will be all sorts of content such as going through the ultimate Skin Struggles, My First Solo Adventure and to sum it all up, content on Discovering Yourself & Becoming the Happiest Version of Yourself despite all the shit we may go through! So this is where EllBelle begins, as me Ella, a 20 year old girl trying to discover the Beauty of Life and the Joys of Living!

On a sun holiday trying to heal my skin.

What I Cover

My Journey whilst Suffering with Eczema

Discovering How to Love my Own Company ~ Solo Traveling 

Promoting Self-Love and Body Positivity

My Love for Taking Pictures & Videos

My Life & Adventures 


Join me on a journey towards a more positive and self-fulfilling life today!

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